I get asked all of the time how in the world did I decide Morton, Illinois would be where I practiced.

I’m not originally from Morton or Illinois.

I wasn’t following a love of interest, and I didn’t go to school in the area, but I did know that my brother and sister-in-law would be moving back to the Peoria area in a few years.

I knew I wanted to be by some family because Australia and Canada were not options.

I put a plan together and did some area research and started dreaming of what could be for this fresh 24-year-old doctor.

From that moment I decided Morton was where I would open Touch of Wellness Chiropractic.

All of these right pieces started falling in place perfectly.

I knew this was the exact spot where I was meant to be.

The town was clean and friendly.

The community was buzzing and supportive, and of course,

I had heard stories of this wild thing called the Pumpkin Festival.

Now we’ve moved to a different location since I started, and we’ve grown more than I could have imagined.

More than eleven years later, we’re still here, and I’m super grateful I took a chance on Morton.

I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.