People ask me all the time why I became a chiropractor.

I grew up with it. My dad is a chiropractor, so it’s something I always knew was great, and it just fits in with my philosophy.

I’m a doctor to help people, but it goes beyond that, because the body has such a cool, amazing ability to adapt and heal itself.

Being a chiropractor allows me to give that little extra help to let people adapt and do whatever they want and flourish and get back to life,

While they’ve always been told, “Oh no, you have to live with this,” or “Oh, there’s nothing we can do,” as a chiropractor, I’m able to actually give them an answer and get them back to their life.

That’s the best part about being a chiropractor, and I feel like chiropractic chose me.

I didn’t choose chiropractic.

I’m so excited that I was chosen for this profession, because it really has just been amazing.