Hey, I’m Dr. Adam Gingras, And I Wanted To Share With You How Chiropractic Found Me

My first experience happened when I was 17.

I had been experiencing a lot of upper back pain and discomfort.

It kind of came around the chest.

I had a hard time taking deep breaths.

It was just a sharp, horrible, gnawing pain, and it affected my upper back and chest.

I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t breathe well, I wasn’t comfortable.

So I sought the help of a doctor of osteopathic medicine.

They’re somewhat trained similarly to treat the spine like chiropractors.

After checking me over, the doctor went to work on my back, and the relief was almost instantaneous.

I felt amazing, and I could finally function.

I could rest, and I could breathe deeply.

But that wasn’t the event that led me to become a chiropractor.

That came years later while I was in college.

I had always wanted to work in the healthcare field so while in college, I followed a track that would get me into dentistry essentially.

And the thought of chiropractic hadn’t crossed my mind.

It wasn’t on my radar, but out of the blue, my mom said, hey, why don’t you come up to Chicago and visit one of our family friends?

He runs a chiropractic clinic on the north side of Chicago.

So I did that.

He allowed me to come in and shadow, check out the office.

And this is actually where I got my true appreciation for what chiropractic is and began my journey.

Everything I’d known about healthcare was kind of flipped on its head.

I had never heard someone talk about health in terms of the human body being able to heal itself.

I had always been taught that you need outside forces.

You need medicine, surgery, those kinds of things to heal the body.

But don’t get me wrong, medicine and surgery have their place, and I’ve utilized them myself.

But this concept of preventative care, supplying the body with health from within was foreign to me, but it all made sense.

Treat your body well, and it will be well.

Eat healthy nutritious foods, strengthen the body and the mind, and all these things will give you better health and better life.

This is what sold me on becoming a chiropractor, that reaching other people and teaching them this information was now my life goal.

I applied to college for chiropractic college not that long after my trip to Chicago, and the rest is history, as they say.

I’ve been practicing ever since 2013 helping hundreds of people live a better life.