What Do Adjustments Do?

Adjustments are done using the hands or a small tool to apply a precise movement to the joints of the spine or an extremity.

The goal of an adjustment is to realign the spine and restore function to the nervous system.

The nervous system is connected to everything in the body, and it communicates with the brain to control everything that we do.

The spinal cord, which is part of the nervous system, runs along the spine, which is why alignment is so important, and adjustments tend to be focused on the back themselves.

When the spine is out of alignment, the signals traveling to and from organs, muscles, and tissue are altered or blocked.

This alteration or blockage can manifest as headaches, numbness, tingling, digestive system issues, and so much more.

Adjustments restore communication, allowing the body to respond to life on a physical, chemical, and emotional level.

In short, adjustments allow the signals from the nervous system to reach their destination with accurate information.

This allows the body to communicate properly so that the body can take care of itself.