This is going to sound crazy, but if your hands were cold, would you cut them off? Probably not. You’d either wear some type of gloves or use a coat.

If that wasn’t enough, what’d you do next? I’d probably tell you to get out of the cold.

Our health is the same way, and oftentimes we mask and cover up symptoms with things like prescriptions or days off or the “I’m feeling fine, I’ll work through it” white lies.

If you don’t have to do it that way, you can take control of your health naturally by addressing the cause of your symptoms and pains and in almost all causes of daily pain, there’s a nervous system response and an imbalance.

My job as a chiropractor at Touch of Wellness Chiropractic is to adjust you so that your nervous system can take care of the rest, which allows you to respond and recover to the stress life throws at you.