People Seem Divided On The Efficacy Of Chiropractic

And many people fall victim to misinformation about the work that we do.

So I thought I’d put these myths to rest.

So number one, and I hear this all the time, is you have to go for life once you start going.

It’s not a lifetime commitment.

However, reaching your health goals may take a little bit of time.

Number two is chiropractors only treat back pain.

Adjustments take place in the back due to the nervous system running through it.

However, chiropractors are focused on total body health and wellness.

Number three is chiropractic is dangerous.

Adjustments don’t hurt, and they’re not dangerous.

Number four, chiropractic isn’t for everybody.

All men, women, and children can receive chiropractic care.

You’re never too young or too old.

Number five, chiropractic is expensive.

A healthier, happier life is priceless.

Compared to surgery, time off work, prescriptions, and irreplaceable family time, ten years of chiropractic care is less than one surgery.

And number six, chiropractors aren’t real doctors.

So there’s a common belief that chiropractors are less educated and not real doctors.

Chiropractic requires four to five years of graduate studies.

We have to pass at least four certification exams after graduation, and in a lot of areas, we have more education than medical doctors.