Okay, I’ve Got Five Serious Questions For You

If you can answer number five, you might know the secret to life.

Number one, have you ever broken a bone?

Number two, had a cut?

Number three, had a bruise?

I doubt anyone hasn’t.

But let me ask another.

Number four, what happened next?

That’s right, the body healed itself because that’s what we do.

We were made for it.

The body is designed to do everything we need.

So number five, what’s stopping us from feeling our best?

Let me tell you.

I’m Dr. Adam Gingras, and I’ve been helping people feel their best for almost nine years.

There’s one simple thing I’ve dedicated my life to, and it’s helping others understand that health comes from within.

The brain and body should communicate at 100% 24/7.

But for most of us, it’s around 70%, or even worse.

So how would an extra 30% income look?

How about 30% more time with family, or 30% more fun?

I think we can all agree that gaining an extra 30% would be great.

It’s our goal, at Touch of Wellness, to get people to live as close to 100% as possible.

We do it by getting the body to communicate through chiropractic adjustments.