I’ve Got A Little Secret To Tell You

Cold weather doesn’t cause colds.

Bacteria and viruses are around all year long.

We just become more susceptible to them in the fall and winter months due to several factors.

One important thing is that the air is much drier and causes our mucous membranes to dry out.

This mucus is part of our immune system and is meant to trap bacteria and viruses.

An easy solution is to make sure that you have a humidifier handy.

This will provide moist air and keep that mucus membrane nice and moist.

Improving your immune system is also another important factor.

You can boost it with healthy habits, food, sleep.

But did you know that chiropractic adjustments boost your immune system?

Research has shown that after an adjustment, the body boosts the production of cells that help fight for you.

Additionally, chiropractic care can increase blood flow to other areas, allowing them to heal and recover.

Chiropractic adjustments can be quite powerful.