When Most People Ask Me About Scoliosis, They Think That They’re Stuck For The Rest Of Their Lives

But nothing is further from the truth.

So if you don’t know what it is, scoliosis is an irregular sideways curvature of the spine and causes pain and discomfort and other complications later in life.

So the scoliosis spine can turn this way or that way, or it can do a combination of both.

But the most common treatments are uncomfortable braces and even very painful surgeries.

As a chiropractor, my adjustment’s entire goal is to realign the spine.

So while adjustments can’t completely cure this disease, they can reduce the amount of bending and twisting in the spine by relaxing the muscles, nerves, and joints around the vertebrae.

That’s why so many people affected by scoliosis in Morton come to Touch of Wellness Chiropractic to see me.