How do you know if your adjustments work?

We believe in showing, not telling.

In our office, we take electronic measurements from the beginning to track your progress.

This might include scans of your nervous system, heart rate variability, and acupuncture meridian scans.

Plus, we have hundreds of testimonials and reviews, and my favorite was one of my first patients I had as a new doctor.

He came in with this gigantic and violent hiccup that occurred about every five seconds.

These involuntary contractions had been going on for days. The ER had no answers for him.

His GP was puzzled, didn’t know where to send him or what to do.

This poor kid was just both mentally and physically exhausted.

After his first adjustment, his hiccup motion just instantly slowed and was less violent.

By the end of the week, he had no more symptoms, and he was back to normal.

I even have a cool story about a paralyzed kid that’s now walking and alive because her vet brought her in to be adjusted.

There’s plenty of proof.

That’s the reason why we do what we do.