Have You Ever Had A Cell Phone Charger That Didn’t Work Quite Right?

You had to hold it at the right angle just to charge?

Well, maybe you accidentally pull on the wire too many times, or your dog gave it a chew.

Whatever the cause was, the result is a phone charger that doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.

Well, our bodies are the same way.

We have a wired system that controls everything we feel and do.

We call it the nervous system.

Unfortunately, when our wires get damaged, it can cause organs to not function properly, muscles to tighten or weaken; it can also cause pain, numbness, and tingling in our bodies.

I’m Dr. Adam Gingras, and at our office, we have mastered this wiring system.

Our chiropractic adjustments put all the parts back in place so your body can react and respond to life exactly the way it’s supposed to.

That’s why our patients see us.

They see us for pain relief, stress relief, stomach issues, athletic performance, and pregnancy even, and many more things.