K9 Team

The most important part of our daily routine is these guys



Senior Furry Boss - Snack Patroller - Security Officer

Well what can I say other than I’m the OG. I helped my mom start her business back in 2010 when I was just a young puppy. She kept telling me people came to see her, not me. She’s in denial though; I’m clearly the reason why people to come our office because why else would everyone stop and give me pets before they leave?!? My favorites even gives me treats, which are the best. I don’t always come to the office every day, but on days that I do, I make sure to greet everyone with a tail wag and some puppy kisses. Oh and you should check out our new office. It’s pretty nice and I even have my own area out back. No more leash walks for me! What can I say, life is pretty hard being the OG office dog.



Junior Furry Boss - Child Detector - Bed Tester

Life wasn’t always glamorous for me. My mom found me because I got hit by a car and was at the vet’s office when she came to work on other dogs. She opened the door where I was being kept and I won her over instantly with my puppy charm. Good thing she is a dog chiropractor because my back was sore from my accident. I wasn’t sure about this work thing at first, but people seem to like me even though I wasn’t used to getting a lot of attention. But this new way of life is okay with me! People even call me handsome. And my brother, Hercules, tells me how to get all of the treats and pets too. So I just follow his lead and reap the benefits! I think I can get used to this life in my forever home.



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