Want to know a little secret?

Not all chiropractic offices are the same, and bigger isn’t always better.

I love my industry, but when it comes to choosing quantity over quality, I’d rather have the latter, and wouldn’t you?

There are some big differences to look for and some questions to consider before choosing the right chiropractor that has a cheap new patient special.

Don’t be afraid to ask. Here are some things to ask yourself before you pick your chiropractor.

Number one is experience and environment. How do people feel when they leave the office? What experience does that chiropractor have that’s different?

Number two is the customization of your plan. Will this particular care plan be tailored to my specific needs, or is it just one treatment plan that every single person gets?

Number three, duration of your care plan. Do they want to see me as often as possible, or for as long as possible, or do they just want me to sign that annual plan?

Number four, the evaluation process. Do they take X-rays, do nerve testing or scans? Are they trying to find the cause of my issues?

Number five, no adjustment on your first visit. If you make the time in your busy schedule for a new patient exam, you should be adjusted on the same day. At least that’s what we think, and that’s what we do in our office. You came in with an ailment, and we want to give you some relief on that same day.

Why do you go to a new patient class, read some over-the-top literature you probably couldn’t understand anyway and have to bring your significant other with you next time before you even get one adjustment? That seems super bait and switch, and we don’t do that.

Make sure you find a chiropractor who’s willing to help you with your health goals, not just your health challenges, and one who’s willing to make decisions with you and not for you.

These are just a handful of things you should consider when comparing chiropractors in your town, and we tell people to do this with us all the time.