Welcome to the Touch of Wellness Family

Becoming a new patient.

If you would like to become a patient in our office, we want to make sure that you will be a good fit for the office and that we will be a good fit for you. To do this one of our staff, as well as one of our doctors, will speak with you prior to setting up your first appointment.

After speaking with one of our doctors we will send you an estimate of what your care will cost, based on your initial consultation. This is only an estimate and may change based upon further examination at your first appointment.


We do accept insurance, however we are an Out-of-Network Provider.

If you have insurance we will verify your coverage for the services we provide. Please know that not all insurance plans will cover all services. If you have insurance, please submit that information with your new patient paperwork so we can verify all your benefits prior to your first appointment.

Your First Visit.

Your first visit in the office will typically include all of the following:

      • Nervous system scan
      • Focused Exam
      • Your first adjustment and any other necessary therapy treatments

Apply To Be a Patient


New Patient Paperwork