It is rant time, and I’m calling all of my practice members to back me up on this.

Waiting for pain is absolutely insane.

The only thing better than getting out of pain is actually never getting there in the first place.

Unfortunately, people think I’m just a pain doctor, and a couple of cracks here and there, and then all of a sudden, wow, people are back at their 100% ready to take on the day. That’s not true at all.

Don’t you think that if we’re great at getting people out of pain, we’d be great at preventing it too?

Well, I’m Dr. Karen Hannah with Touch of Wellness Chiropractic, and we treat more than just this typical back pain.

To my current and past patients, I want to ask you, what did you come in to see us for and how did we help you with it? Comment it below.

Let’s get rid of this silly myth together.