Although Many May Disagree, Chiropractors Are Real Doctors Too

I’m Dr. Karen Hannah with Touch of Wellness Chiropractic in Morton, and while you might not find me wearing a lab coat all the time, that doesn’t mean I don’t have the same education and the same qualifications as your real medical doctor does.

Chiropractors are trained in the same areas of diagnosis, evaluation, neurology, radiology, nutrition, and I can even read your lab results because we are primary care physicians, too.

Now, how we differ is how we care for you.

In the medical world, they look for disease and illness, so they typically look at what medication should be prescribed or eliminated, what drugs might interact with each other to keep you healthy.

As a chiropractor, we look at the spine and the nervous system to determine the cause of your problems.

My job is to help your body work so well that it doesn’t need medications to function.

While you’ll never find me making medical advice about medications or prescriptions, also, don’t expect your medical doctor to know a whole lot about chiropractic care and what your best needs are in this office.

For that, you should come to see us, and we’d love to take good care of you and make sure that you’re living your life as close to your 100% as possible.