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A Journey 2 Wellness


I have recently learned that becoming “well” is so much more than eating right and exercising. Honestly, it is different for everyone. I also have definitely thought to myself….”you are the only one who has let yourself get to this point!” In reality though, I’m not. So with all that being said, my thought process is to share my journey that includes EVERYTHING. What I tried that works and doesn’t work for me, along with all of my thoughts and feelings on the process….negative or positive. Not every tactic works for everyone, which is why I think it is so important to share our experiences. Come along with me as I shed bad habits and vent about it along the way!


Essential Wellness


Who AM I? – I am a firefighter, an EMT, an animal lover, an adventure seeker, a book lover, a comic collector, a chef, a buddhist, a daughter, a sister, and someone working day by day just to get by – who am I? – I was just like you, but I have decided to take this journey of the unknown and help people
History is never set in stone, but those who learn from it are more powerful than those who choose to ignore it. I was introduced to essential oils in mid 2021, during the COVID outbreak. I spend hours each day looking into these essential oils – so you can feel better, naturally and have a true source of knowledge. I look into the history, the cultivation, and the real truth behind every oil I use.



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