There are countless reasons why you could feel on fire after a meal. This burning, aching sensation in the stomach and in the throat, chest pain, and even nausea are not normal, this is acid reflux. If you’ve experienced it, you know it’s not very fun.

I’m Dr. Karen Hannah with Touch of Wellness Chiropractic, and I’ve had countless people come through my doors looking for a natural way to manage their acid reflux.

Here’s what usually happens: Oftentimes we run to the over-the-counter pain relief first, but if it keeps coming back, it’s clear we haven’t fixed the problem. Then there’s medication, which is riddled with side effects and usually takes about two to three different prescriptions before the right fix is found. There can also be a change in diet or exercise, our body has to respond to everything we eat and drink. Even then, some people just have the cleanest diets, they feel that fire.

We start with one thing: Chiropractic adjustments, adjustments focus on correcting the nervous system. Did you know that there are more sensors in the digestive tract than anywhere else in the body? Most we don’t even feel at all, constantly working.

By relieving the pressure from the nerves, we’re able to help the body heal itself. This goes beyond acid reflux, but we’ve seen incredible results with that.